Revol fix 0-36kg Rock XL car seat


Casual Play Revol fix, Group 0 + / 1/2/3 (0-36 kg), is ideal from birth to the age of about 10 years.
The new Revol Fix provides maximum comfort and relaxation to the child while traveling, thanks to the upholstered seat and the 4-seater headrest. It also includes an extra protective pillow for the newborn, with extra support on the head and back, which ensures an adequate and comfortable position for the baby.

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The Isofix system maximizes safety and easy installation.
In the upside down position which is from 0 to 18 kg, the seat has 4 reclining positions, where the baby can lie down and sleep, while when the seat is placed forward, it has 3 reclining positions. In addition, the Revol Fix can be fastened with the vehicle belts in case the car does not have isofix-based slots.
Rotates across the 360º range to make it easier for the child to be placed in the vehicle, without disassembling the seat belts and guarantees protection: on the front, side (SPS side support), on the back or in the event of a rollover (360º coverage) . This way, it will be easy for the parent to change the orientation and position of the child, as the seat can also be turned towards the door.
It also has a support leg