Munchkin 360o Miracle Trainer 207ml training cup


It is very difficult for a child to move from his bottle to his glass. Young children will get dirty everywhere if they suddenly try to drink from a glass. Munchkin did its “miracle” by creating the Miracle 360 ​​instructor cup. With your child drinking from anywhere around the mouth of the glass, as in a regular cup, it helps support the proper development of the muscles in the child’s mouth. And without extra nozzles, straws or other pieces, the Miracle 360 ​​cup trainer is easy to use and much easier to clean.

360 ° spout eliminates leaks completely,
Your child drinks from either side of the cup. Just tilt the cup and suck on the edge of the valve,
The Cup automatically seals when the child stops drinking,
The handles are easy on the child’s hands,
Easy to clean without extra valves or other parts,
Machine washable,
6+ months,

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