Humidifier Miniland HUMITOP CONNECT 5.5L


Clean the air of your home with the smart humidifier Humitop connect which humidifies the air and maintains the optimal level of humidity in the environment around you.
The new Humitop connect humidifier allows you to adjust the right temperature in your space from anywhere you are using the eMyBaby application.

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If the room temperature exceeds the desired limits then it warns you through the application. In addition, in order not to exceed the limits, the device allows automatic operation adjustment.
The steam flow can be adjusted to 3 voltages: low, medium, high
It is practical as you can fill the jug without moving the device.

The device has a touch screen with a wide variety of functions so that everyone can operate it easily and comfortably. It allows you to intelligently program the humidity and the desired steam flow to adjust the humidity you want in your space.
Using a minimum steam flow, it can operate for many nights without the need to fill the water tank, thanks to its 5.5 liter capacity that operates autonomously for over 35 hours.
In addition, it has an accessory in which you can put any kind of perfume, which will be evenly distributed throughout the room.
25x36x25cm Sound level <38dB / Maximum autonomous: 35 hours / Efficiency: 40m2 / Automatic switch off Temperature sensor / Top filling, Capacity up to 5.5L Night light / Humidity and steam flow programming WiFi / Timer off.

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Βάρος 2 kg
Διαστάσεις 25 × 25 × 36 cm