Greco Strom One Hundred Antibacterial Mattress


Greco Strom Hekate Antibacterial Mattress with baby bonnell spring unit 200B springs: The Hekate mattress provides high quality, stability and durability. p>

Baby bonnell spring unit 200B / latex / foam support: The technology of the BABY BONNELL SPRING UNIT 200B springs offers exceptional durability, while the coconut and latex layers offer great elasticity and allow circulation of air, thus ensuring excellent ventilation of the mattress. In addition, the reinforced density foam Foam support supports the perimeter of the mattress!

  • Removable zippered fabric cover.
  • Anticancer and antimicrobial properties.
  • Mattress height 16cm. (Deviation +/- 1 due to use of natural materials.)
  • Breathable materials.
  • Elastic fabric with antibacterial properties.
  • Wash at 30 ° C or dry clean
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