Britax Romer Kidfix III S car seat


NEW KIDFIX III S: The most complete BRITAX seat in the 15-36kg category (3.5 to 12 years old).
Full in Security, Full and in Comfort.
The new KIDFIX III S seat from BRITAX, made in Germany, is the latest addition to the KIDFIX series and is suitable for children weighing 15 to 36 kg (3.5 to 12 years old)
It gives you the confidence that you have given your children the safest solution that you have prepared for any ride or car trip

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It is designed to offer children a new level of comfort while traveling.

It is the ideal seat for long journeys. The larger seat along with the ultra-soft front lining offer the ideal foot position even for the tallest child.

The backrest of the KIDFIX III S has a unique V-shape design and provides absolute comfort for children of all ages. As the child gets older, the newly designed headrest rises, thus ensuring that the child’s shoulders fit properly into the widest part of the back.

The greatest comfort of the seat is accompanied by all the technical safety features provided by Britax. It has XP Pad system, SICT, SECURE GUARD, ISOFIX and the construction safety guaranteed by BRITAX in all its child seats.

XP-PAD – Limits a new security standard for group 2-3. In the event of a head-on collision, it absorbs 30% of the impact force caused, thus protecting your child’s neck, much more effectively than using a seat belt alone.

Ideal placement of the abdomen belt thanks to the latest SECURE GUARD technology when the 3-point seat belts are used.

Adjustable lateral protection – technology (SICT). Now, the maximum lateral protection it provides is adjustable, to be used only on the side closest to the door, freeing up space for extra passengers.

The ISOFIT system allows easy and secure connection to the ISOFIX (anchorage) points of your car.
The seat belt guide ensures the repeated correct placement of the 3-point adult seat belt to maximize protection for your child.
Multiple reclining positions that allow for a comfortable sleeping position so that you can adjust the seat without disturbing the child.
Maximum lateral protection for your child along the entire seat, thanks to the very deep and comfortable side wings that hug the child.
The V-shaped back ensures a perfect fit throughout your child’s development.
The height-adjustable headrest and belt guide allow the seat to grow with your child while keeping the 3-point adult seat belt in the correct position above your child’s shoulder.
The seat is secured with the ISOFIX system, even when the child is not on the seat. You do not need to remove or install the seat belt when it is not in use with your child.
The mounting indicators confirm that the seat is positioned correctly.
The ISOFIX arms fold down allowing the ISOFIX couplings to be placed inside the seat in case the car does not have an ISOFIX system and we want to use it only with the 3 adult safety belt.
Soft seat upholstery that holds your child comfortably in place and can be easily removed for washing.
The KIDFIX III S is installed in the car in the following ways:

With the ISOFIX system or With the car’s 3-point seat belts.

The new Cool Flow fabrics allow the seat to be properly ventilated and help the child not to sweat and feel even more comfortable on the road.

Product of Germany – The security you would expect from BRITAX-ROMER

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