Bonikka alleah fabric doll 32 cm


The sweet Alleah doll will be the perfect friend for all children. With her unique style, she always catches everyone’s eye wherever she is. She is wearing a cotton dress decorated with flowers. She has combined it with orange ballerinas. Her hair is held in two small pigtails and she is always smiling.
Alleah is a special girl. She is very smart, she likes books and is always willing to help those around her. He loves all children and never discriminates. She never leaves the side of her friends and with her all the children have a wonderful time!
The Alleah fabric-heating doll from the company Bonikka has a special removable heating set that you can heat in the microwave for a maximum of one minute at 600W. Then it holds and distributes heat. If you put a few drops of lavender oil in the heating set, the doll helps you sleep, relieves light aches and relieves stress and anxiety. Made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

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