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The new DON ALGODON Star crib is ideal for your baby to have from birth to 3 years old.
Thanks to the ability to use it for cuddling and to have your baby as close to you as possible at night in order to be able to meet any of his needs without having to get up

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It has 8 height positions for better adaptation to the different heights of the beds
It can also be used as a traditional swing as we can easily convert it by integrating its mobile railing with a single movement.
It has double safety with simultaneous action, with a locking mechanism for fixing the moving railing.
It has silent wheels with brake to move it. It is made of white lacquer and the railings are made of solid beech.
Anti-scratch paint Antibacterial and non-toxic paint
Mattress dimension 60 x 120 {Includes foam havana premium mattress}
Manufactured according to European standards EN-716: 2017
The dowry set includes, always – quilt – pillow and pillow case